This section is for "hardcore" rig chat, all technical, no whoring and no BS.

Rules are quite simple and rest assured they will be enforced.

If your post is not related to "hardcore" it gets deleted. Short and simple. There will be Zero tolerance for any of this.

This is not a build up section, there is already a section for that, this is Hardcore TECH chat, discussing carious mods using hydro and coilover rates as an example. Pls continue to post your build threads on the BUILD UP section

For those who feel you are owed an explanation of "hardcore" this is how it pertains to this forum:

Rigs with Driveline, axle, suspension, armour, saftey and electrical upgrades for the purpose of improving it's offroad performance.

Rigs that have or are planning to be entered in an offroad competition, albeit mud or rock.

If you have under 37 inch tires, unless you are asking questions on a thread to better your rig, pls dont waste space in this section, your rig belongs in "Build up" or "Jeep technical talk".

Take it away boys!