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    97 Xj

    SO I have been collecting parts over the years and adding as I could afford to. But modding a DD can be difficult when it HAS to run come Monday AM.

    Last Oct I made the best purchase for the Jeep... a VW for DD duty.

    Up until last summer its has slowly gone from 3.5" on 31's than 33's, than 4.5" on 33's... all with short arms.
    As it sits today, its about 5"-6" of lift, 33's (for now) long arms, stretched 1.5" forward, 1" back.

    I grabbed the TNT Y-Link last summer, aswell as their frame stiffiners.

    I also picked up a used Ford 8.8 with full Detroit locker, and another D30 with some lunchbox in it.
    The 8.8 went in after a major clean up, all new brakes, and a paint job.

    The D30 was slowly built up with hi-steer, heims, 1.5"DOM, new coil mounts, LCA mounts and shock mounts. Using the new control arm mounts/coil buckets moved the coil right above the axle instead of ahead a bit. Since I wanted a bit of stretch in the front anyway, this worked out well.
    Hi-steer build thread

    Anyway, the heep has been on jackstands since Dec or so, waiting for time, money and warm days during the winter (unheated garages suck). Cut the control arm mounts off, then found some of the 'nutserts' for the x-member were spinning, rust seized on or were just crap. So I fixed the frame stiffiners to take some captured Grd8 bolts which were a bit bigger than stock to boot.

    Once the stiffiners were in, I could put the longarms on, but of course I didn't take pics of that.
    So the arms are on, time to start building a front axle... see above.
    I also got a new set of mains leafs made for the rear. 1" longer than my Rusty's leafs are, and also drilled the hole 1" back for a bit of stretch.

    Got the axle underneath the front end, did a quick round the block spin and noticed the pinion was pointed a bit too high. Adjusted that, and its much better now.

    Now without having a chance to flex it out I wouldn't know what length shocks to get for it... so I brought it over to DirtyPerls to get it on the ramp.
    After all the time and effort it was certainly worth it finally seeing it moving again, and flexing out the long arms once and for all.

    Here's what it did last year after getting the 8.8 put on. No shocks in the rear, OME's up front, they were limiting my droop just a bit.

    Now with the long arms,

    Now I am just trying to figure out what shocks to go with, and am going through the floor in the rear to a hoop running from wheel well to wheel well... all part of a future cage.

    Many thanks to DirtyPerl for the use of garage, tools, welder and advice when my brain got tired of thinking.
    Now to get some proper rear lights, and it will be road worthy again. Also have to do some bumpstops/limiting straps once the new shocks are in so they aren't pulling triple duty.
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