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Thread: 1995 jeep yj "he money pit"

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    Question 1995 jeep yj "he money pit"

    1995 jeep yj
    -Complete list of mods to the Jeep
    -Homemade linx flour mats
    -4:10 diffgearing
    -Costco 10,000lb winch
    -SOA converted
    -2.5inch Rubicon express lift springs
    -38.5/11.5/15 Boggers on American racing rims
    -mono speaker Honda radio
    -home made exhaust
    -optima battery

    So the title says it all, bout it off of a guy in Sherbrok Quebec.

    So til now I have done this
    -replaced the front seals
    -changed the 307 gearing to 410
    -new lift springs 2.5 Rubicon express
    -new spricperches on the axles
    -swapped the rear axle old one was kinda warped
    -new battery
    -have to rewire (hade like 4 or 5 people play in it)
    -I torched off the homemade torshenbars
    -new winch
    -nead to redo the back seal of the transfer case while off roading a weak ago the rear driveshaft brigeis that hold the u joints to the youk of the axles sheared off…. This so making the drive shaft hit the bottom of the tub I think and damaged the rear seal(this is the second time ive got my self back home on front weal drive.
    - and last and not least the psoi lock thing on the front axle I made 2 sleeves that go on each side of the gear to permanently hold it in the center.

    -So I paid 4g for the jeep when I bought it….so I think I kinda got ripped off, so what do u think?

    so hear are a few pics.

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    You were not ripped off, but you didn't get a steal either. I've certainly seen worse deals and the buyer not have a clue what they bought.

    Good luck with it. I'd suggest getting tires with a little more offset, to add stability. Looks tall & skinny - great for narrow trails but terrible if off-camber.
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