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Thread: '02 TJ Noob-Lift

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    '02 TJ Noob-Lift

    Summers here, and I started it off in style.

    I contacted 4WD Hardware in regards to:
    2'' Rubicon Express Eco-Lift
    4 - ProComp 33X12.5 and;
    SuperChips FlashPaq

    A Friend and I lifted the TJ in the Parking lot in the rain. (Thus, no pictures.)
    The tires were shipped separately, due to shipping expenses. So I took the 6 hour drive home with the Gixxer in tow.
    Upon reaching Brantford, I put the new tires on and drove to [edit: that illegal place I went- I wasn't aware until I read the forum of no-go places] I went.


    No problems were encountered during the lift. After all, what could go wrong...
    After the small trail run, I inspected everything before going back on the road, I saw that I broke the Right Sway Bar End Link.
    Sucks, but more the reason for disconnects.

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    Yep, that's what they're made for. Nice Jeep!

    Did you check the clearance on your tires to the flares? Looks mighty close!
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