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Thread: 2000 Jimmy Fuel Pump question

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    2000 Jimmy Fuel Pump question

    OK I changed the fuel pump on my 2000 Jimmy. Reinstalled it and it wouldn't start. I let it crank and crank and crank with nothing.

    -When you first turn the key on you can't hear the pump run
    -I hooked up a volt meter and you only get 12V when you turn the ignition off not when you turn it on or when it is cranking.
    -I pulled the tank out again and put 12V to the pump. It does indeed work.
    -I also changed the fuel filter at the same time.
    -There was no fuel pressure at the fuel rail when I hooked up the guage set.
    -There was some fuel in the fuel line when I disconnected it.

    I am stumped with this one any suggestions?
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    Those trucks need an absolute minimum 44psi to run. Some need more than 50psi. Get yourself a fuel gauge and verify you have really good pressure or you have a defective pump. For thorough testing, I use the injector cleaner machine. It has it's own built-in pump and an adjustable regulator. Pull the pump fuse and feed the truck 55-60psi through the schrader valve, and start it. Turn the pressure down slowly until it stalled, and record the minimum pressure it needed to run. Put the fuse back in and measure the output of the stock in-tank pump.

    You can make your own stand-alone fuel supply system using a wrecker external fuel pump (Older F150's had rail-mounted high pressure pumps), a gas tote, regulator & some hose. I get about 1 in 5 brand new pumps being no good.
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