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Thread: The um "New" Jeep project

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    The um "New" Jeep project

    Well I got me another Jeep

    Been gathering parts and rebuilding, reworking, repairing

    And all that good stuff that goes along with it

    Heres the factory spec sheet

    1979 Jeep CJ7
    304 V8
    TH 400 auto
    offset rear dana 20
    front axle ( Idunno what one )

    4 wheel drum brakes

    and heres the uhhh "Plan" and this time Im gonna try and stick to it

    AX15 manual tranny
    dana 300 twin stick
    full width front and rear axles
    Going with a dana 44 front and a Ford nine inch in the back
    spring over with 2.5 inch lift springs with one leaf taken out

    4 wheel disk brakes

    Of the factory drivetrain Im keeping the 304 (till it pukes)

    Ok so heres the progress towards the end goal

    Got the frame repaired around the front of the rear pring hangers

    bought a puked AX15 and Im working on getting it rebuilt

    Got my dana 300 and have it all twin sticked and ready to rock
    got my outboard spring hangers mostly fabbed I just need to add the bumper in the front to tie it all together

    and the front axle is sitting in place

    Tonight for shits and giggles I put one of my front tires in place

    And theres somthing Off here that I just cant put my finger on Damn gotta love full widths

    So big issue with spring over and lots of pple love or hate em I like em flex like mad and predictable

    Big problem with SOA is settin up you steering and I like being SAFE going down the road. Not only is my life at stake but so are the lives of every other person around me So definetly NO crasy bent steering links alowed

    For me this is the way to go

    Ok so its not a great pick but you all know what it is

    Im only going to have the flat top on the one side but thats all Ill really need as this way the drag link will be able to pass above the spring and the tie rod will pass beneath

    Altho not totally a high steer setup its as close a I need (for now)

    Wee thats it for now more later
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    Possum, any word on this build? sure would like to see how she ends up!

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