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Thread: A little TLC

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    A little TLC

    Got my 97 TJ couple months ago and knew when I bought it some work would have to be put back into her. So in it went into my garage, took off all wheels put it on jack stands and for the next 3 weeks I managed to replace the driver's side quarter panel, replace rear brakes (shoes/drums) and replaced all the brake lines (a bitch of a job flaring and bending them) but in the end everything is as good as new!
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    looks good. good job on the quick progress.
    '99 superduty, 7.3L diesel. 4x4, ex cab short box. edge evolution programmer. straight pipe, torque converter lock up switch. single 7" stack, built tranny with some billet bits inside, 7' trac bars, pyro,boost an tranny guages. 4" lift in the front 5" rear. 305 70 16 mickey thompson baja mtz's on m/t classic 2's. now with dana 60 front, 10.5" rear 3:7.3's. 5" airlift bags in the rear.

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    welcome to the sickness your going to like working on the heep.

    dont be shy to try there is lots of guys willing to help out if you get stuck.

    as long as your not stuck out where your not supposed to be

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    Quote Originally Posted by igotafrigginjeep View Post
    Even then, someone will likely come and help you, just be prepared for a good tongue lashing when they arrive...then be prepared for many pictures to be taken before they even start helping...after that be prepared for the complete flame show you will get on this forum about it...

    After all is said and done, you will forever be indebted to those who did help you and to repay them you must pay the favour forward without question at any and all times...meaning you too must go to help people when they are stuck...
    that why i helped someone i never know when ill need it. but if im stuck im really stuck
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    Quote Originally Posted by igotafrigginjeep View Post
    just be prepared for a good tongue lashing when they arrive.....
    man I could go for a good tongue lashing!!!
    If it feels good...Do It!

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