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Thread: Modding a ZJ F.A.Q.

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    I love it....the amount of lift, the claw's....everything...
    1995 ZJ Limited, 5.2, 46RH, 249, D30/D35, stockish, his....
    2004 WJ Overland, 4.7HO, 45RFE, NV247, D30/D44, stock, hers...
    Quote Originally Posted by Beerfest
    "It's $10 for a BJ, $12 for an HJ, $15 for a ZJ..."
    "What's a ZJ? "
    "If you have to ask, you can't afford it."

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    Quote Originally Posted by C.C. View Post
    ^ I'm just starting with the WJ let me work on one. LOL
    haha im just too excited CC i guess im too impatient
    young kid learnin the hard way
    90 YJ 4.2L, howell TBI, 4L head, 4"lift with 31x11.5s. broke it, welded it, broke around the welds, welded it again, sold it
    99 grand cherokee, 4.7L. 2" BB, 245/75R16

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